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What Episode?


For fans of television series, pinpointing specific episodes that feature memorable moments or pivotal plot twists can be a common inquiry. Whether you’re reminiscing about a favorite scene or trying to catch up on a series, knowing the exact episode can enhance your viewing experience. This guide provides tips and resources to help you identify “what episode” a particular event occurred in your favorite TV shows.

Utilizing Online Databases


The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an invaluable resource for TV enthusiasts. It provides comprehensive episode guides for almost every television series, complete with detailed synopses, cast lists, and user reviews. To find a specific episode:

  1. Search the Show: Type the name of the TV show into the search bar.
  2. Browse Episodes: Navigate to the episode list, which is usually organized by season.
  3. Read Summaries: Review the summaries to find the episode you’re looking for. offers similar features to IMDb, with a focus on user-generated content and discussions. It’s particularly useful for:

  1. Episode Guides: Detailed episode guides and ratings.
  2. Community Discussions: User forums where fans discuss episodes and share insights.

Episode Databases and Wikis


Many popular TV shows have dedicated Fandom wikis. These fan-driven sites often provide in-depth information on every episode, including plot details, character appearances, and notable quotes. To use Fandom:

  1. Find the Wiki: Search for the show’s name followed by “wiki” (e.g., “Breaking Bad wiki”).
  2. Navigate Episodes: Use the episode guide to find detailed entries for each episode.

Episode Ninja

Episode Ninja ranks episodes based on user votes and reviews. This can be particularly helpful if you’re looking for the best episodes or trying to find a standout moment. You can:

  1. Browse Rankings: View episodes ranked by popularity or critical acclaim.
  2. Search Specific Moments: Use keywords related to the scene or plot point you remember.

Streaming Services

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime

If you have a subscription to a streaming service, their built-in search features can help you locate episodes quickly. Here’s how:

  1. Search by Keywords: Enter keywords related to the episode’s plot or characters.
  2. Episode Descriptions: Read through episode descriptions to find the one you’re looking for.

Episode Thumbnails

Sometimes, the visual thumbnail for each episode can jog your memory and help you find the right one more efficiently.

Social Media and Forums


Subreddits dedicated to TV shows are excellent for finding specific episodes. You can ask the community directly:

  1. Join the Subreddit: Find the subreddit dedicated to the TV show.
  2. Ask a Question: Post your question describing the scene or plot detail you remember.


Twitter’s vast user base often discusses TV shows in real-time. Use hashtags and direct mentions:

  1. Use Hashtags: Search for the show’s hashtag along with keywords from the scene.
  2. Engage with Fans: Tweet your question and engage with fans who might know the answer.


Identifying the exact episode of a beloved TV show where a specific event occurred can be a delightful challenge. With resources like IMDb, Fandom wikis, streaming services, and social media, finding “what episode” something happened in has never been easier. Leveraging these tools will help you relive your favorite moments and deepen your appreciation for the shows you love.

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