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winwithnews com au: Your Gateway to Winning Big


WinWithNews.com.au, a platform operated by NewsCorp, offers a variety of exciting competitions that provide participants with the opportunity to win substantial prizes. These contests range from cash rewards to luxurious holidays and more, making it a popular choice among Australians looking to try their luck.

How It Works

To participate, entrants typically need to purchase an eligible newspaper and find a daily codeword. This codeword is then submitted online at WinWithNews.com.au. Each codeword entry increases the chances of winning one of the available prizes, which can vary from cash to travel experiences and high-value items.

Current Competitions

  1. $1 Million Chance Competition: This high-stakes contest gives participants the opportunity to win up to $1 million. By purchasing participating newspapers and submitting the daily codewords, entrants can secure their chance to be selected for the final draw, where the grand prize winner will choose from 100 envelopes for the top prize or a significant minor prize​ (Win a Chance to Win $1 Million!)​​ (Win a Chance to Win $1 Million!)​.
  2. Jurassic World Competition: In this family-friendly contest, entrants can win one of four family holidays to Universal Studios Hollywood, including flights, accommodation, and spending money. Additionally, there are 250 family passes to see “Jurassic World: Dominion” up for grabs. To enter, participants must buy an eligible newspaper on at least three different days and submit the respective codewords​ (Competitions in Australia)​.

Eligibility and Entry Requirements

The competitions are open to Australian residents over 18 years old, excluding those from Western Australia. Specific terms and conditions apply to each contest, which are detailed on the WinWithNews website. It’s important to read these carefully to ensure compliance and maximize the chances of winning.

Winners and Prizes

Winners are selected at random and are notified via phone or email. The results are also published on the WinWithNews website, ensuring transparency. Past winners have enjoyed a range of prizes, from cash rewards to exclusive travel experiences​ (Win a Chance to Win $1 Million!)​.


WinWithNews.com.au offers a thrilling chance for newspaper readers to win exciting prizes. By engaging with the platform, participants not only stay informed through their daily news but also stand a chance to change their fortunes. Whether you’re aiming for a million-dollar payday or an unforgettable holiday, WinWithNews.com.au provides ample opportunities to win big.

For more details and to participate, visit WinWithNews.com.au​ (Win a Chance to Win $1 Million!)​​ (Win a Chance to Win $1 Million!)​.


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